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Refuse Disposal

Refuse Reception

There are 2 weighbridges for the refuse vehicles. At the weighbridges, the weight, source and type of refuse are automatically recorded in a computer.

In the refuse reception hall, the refuse is discharged into the bunker through one of the refuse discharge bays. Shulin Plant have 12 bays respectively. Bulky wastes are discharged into a separate pit for crushing. The discharge bays are provided with hydraulic operated doors, which can be controlled manually or automatically.

Refuse Reception Hall

Refuse Reception Handling

Refuse Bunker

The refuse bunker which is fully enclosed has a capacity to store about 9,000 tonnes of refuse in the Shulin Plant.

Bulky wastes such as tree trunks and furniture are cut or crushed to small pieces before they are fed into the incinerators

Two overhead grab cranes feed refuse from the bunker into the incinerator hoppers. Each grab has a capacity of 7 cu.m. The cranes are operated from the control room, which oversee the entire bunker.

Refuse Handling

The furnace and the boiler are built as one integral unit. Four runs stoker grates comprising 11 fixed and moving step grates arranged alternately in an inclined gradient form the grate surface of the furnace. The surfaces of the grates are made of alloy steel bars fitted together in such a way as to allow air follow through the gaps. Air drawn from the bunker is preheated by steam and introduced through the underside of the grate surfaces.

Combustion conditions in the furnace are controlled automatically by a digital control system which regulates refuse feeding rate according to its heating value.

Refuse Incineration Process Refuse Handling Devices